Hire a String Quartet

Traditional String Quartet

A classic ensemble, the Traditional String Quartet of 2 violins, viola and cello, has long been an attractive choice to provide a perfectly balanced musical accompaniment for weddings, events and parties.

With a huge standard and classical repertoire including a number of contemporary and light string quartet musical numbers, our quartet is growing in popularity with clients who prefer a more conventional approach which is defined by Blue Topaz Strings.

For those clients who would prefer a more modern look, electric instruments are also available and we offer an arranging service and hire of amplification for this ensemble. 



String Quartet with Bass

Choose this alternative String Quartet to hear our exclusive trio and quintet repertoire. With the addition of a cellist, making a line up of 2 violins, cello and bass, this quartet really adds a new dynamic.

Suitable for those who love our trio music but are keen to have 4 players (or a cellist!), with the advantage that we can still keep the wonderful double bass. 

You can also request for us to wear matching dresses for this ensemble and get amplification for larger event spaces.